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Rental Terms and Conditions Chalet Arolla

Holiday rental property: Chalet Arolla
Managing Director : Mrs C. Perche
Address: chemin de l’Alpage – le Lavachet - 73320 Tignes

By making a booking and paying a deposit, the tenant agrees to abide by and comply with the following Terms and Conditions:

Booking :
The booking is confirmed once it has been approved by the Chalet Manager and the deposit of 30% of the total rent has been

Payment conditions :
The payments will be done in 3 instalments.
First instalment of 30% to validate the booking.
Second instalment of 45% at latest 30 days before arrival and
Third instalment of 25% together with the deposit of 3’500 Euros at latest 15 days before arrival.
The owner will be entitled to keep the booking deposit with no refund possible and the rental agreement will be terminated if the
tenant fails to pay the due balance. Payments must be made in Euro only.

Cancelation :
If the booking is cancelled 60 days before arrival date, the tenant will be 100% reimbursed.
If the booking is cancelled between 30-60 days before arrival date, the tenant will be reimbursed for 50%.
If the booking is cancelled between 0-30 days before arrival date, there is no reimbursement.

Security deposit :
A security deposit of 3’500 Euro must be paid along with the due balance at least 15 days prior to arrival via money transfer.
This sum cannot be considered part of the rent and will be returned to the bank account provided by the tenant, within a
maximum of 2 weeks after the end of the stay. The property owner has the authority to deduct monies from the security deposit
to remedy any damage, excess cleaning, missing items, excess utilities caused by the tenant. In case the security deposit is
insufficient to cover for the damage, the tenant agrees to pay for the extra charge.

Occupation of the Chalet :
The property can be occupied by 20 persons’ maximum unless expressed approval by the owner. Excess amount of persons
will be required to vacate the property.

Liability and Responsibilities :

  • The owner of the chalet does not take any responsibility for the loss or theft of your personal property or for any bodily injury that occurs on or at the chalet.

  • The owner of the chalet Arolla is NOT responsible for any health issue and /or accident that may arise of the use of the fitness and Spa equipment. Instructions and handbook have to be respected.

  • The tenant is held responsible for the actions of other guests within the Chalet. The tenant is there for liable for all damaged goods, appliances and equipment, damage to the property or anything else related to the property, whether caused by themselves or their accompanying guests.

  • The tenant may not remove any of the furniture or effects from the property and will be liable for any furniture or effects damaged or missing from the property.

  • The tenant agrees to not sublet or assign the property or any part of it.

  • The owner of the chalet does not take any responsibility if the present rental agreement should happen to be terminated for major reasons outside their control and no damages will be paid by the owner.

  • Use of the chalet for any type of event or use it for other means than as a residential holiday accommodation, will result in the immediate termination of the booking for the chalet and removal of the guest(s) and other occupants from the chalet.

Arrival and departure :
The tenant may enter the chalet after 4pm on arrival day.
The property must be vacated by the tenant by 10:00 am on departure day.
The “end of stay” cleaning is included in our prices as is the daily tidy-up by the Chalet Manager, however before departure, all
food must be removed from fridges, all rubbish bins emptied, and crockery and cutlery washed and put away in the kitchen
If upon arrival the tenant notices any existing damage, breakages or missing items within the Chalet, he must report the
concerns regarding the condition of the property to the Chalet Manager within 18 hours after arrival. Otherwise it is agreed that
all is in order with the chalet.

Rules of occupancy / General Conduct :

  • The tenant must engage in good neighbourly behaviour, preserve the residential amenity and not be a nuisance or annoyance to neighbours

  • No loud music is allowed after 10pm

  • The tenant will respect the parking spaces in front of the Chalet. Cars must be parked in the garage of the Chalet or in front of the Chalet but not on the road

  • The chimney never left unsupervised

  • No children (-18) in the SPA area within supervision of an adult

  • No smoking allowed within the property

  • No ski-shoes nor shoes allowed in the chalet apart from the entrance

  • The tenant must, every time they leave the property, securely lock doors and windows, and switch off lighting, appliances and water to conserve resources and avoid damage.

  • Animals are not permitted

  • Close all windows and doors upon leaving

  • Respect the Arolla Handbook with all Chalet specific information



Signature of tenant

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